Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Magnesium and Aluminum Diborides

M. A. Korchagin, V. E. Zarko, N. V. Bulina


For obtaining MgB2 and AlB2 with nanometer size of coherent scattering area the technique based on the preliminary mechanical activation (MA) of initial reagents powder mixes and the subsequent reaction in the mode of the thermal explosion (TE) was used. The mentioned diborides are the promising compounds to use as a high-energy material in the ramjets and solid rocket motors because they possess very high mass- and volume-heat of combustion. Mostly, the diborides are produced under conditions of high temperatures and pressures. In this research a possibility has been explored of their producing by thermal explosion method when using preliminary mechanically activated components. The peculiarities of the technique to produce diborides are examined. Results of radiographic and electron microscope studies of the mixes of reagents after mechanical activation and of thermal explosion products are presented.

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