Combustion Characteristics of HAN-based Green Propellant Assisted with Nanoporous Active Carbons

M. K. Atamanov, R. Amrousse, J. Jandosov, K. Hori, A. R. Kerimkulova, D. I. Chenchik, B. Y. Kolesnikov


Combustion of hydroxylammonium nitrate (95 wt.% HAN) ‒ water solution in presence of high specific surface area activated carbons is investigated in a constant-pressure bomb within the pressure range of 1‒6 MPa. The linear burning rate increased for the system of HAN admixed with activated carbons compared to those of the HAN alone. Moreover, the thermal decomposition of HAN (95 wt.%) ‒ water solution spiked with activated carbons was assessed by DTA – TG method. In the presence of activated carbons, the ability to trigger the decomposition at a lower temperature (86 °C vs 185 °C) was observed. The volatile products formed in the course of thermal decomposition of HAN, spiked with activated carbons were characterized by electron ionization mass spectrometry analysis. Primary products of HAN decomposition: m/z = 33 (NH2OH) and m/z = 63 (HNO3), which are further responsible for the formation of secondary products such as N2O, NO, HNO2, NO2, O2 etc. Significant reduction of NOx emissions during thermal decomposition of HAN (95 wt.%) ‒ water solution was observed (ca. 30%) in presence of activated carbons.


combustion; hydroxylammonium nitrate; activated carbon; burning rate; thermal analysis; mass spectrometry

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