Biomass Pyrolysis and Gasification Comprehensive Modeling for Effective Power Generation at Combined Cycle Power Plant

A. Fedyukhin, I. Sultanguzin, A. Gyul’maliev, V. Sergeev


Thermogravimetric experiments were carried out for a few types of wood with determination of the kinetic parameters characterizing the pyrolysis process. In the present work the various kinetic models used for this purpose are suggested. Analyzing software tool for calculation of thermal conversion products and reactor balance is developed. The optimal temperature range for biomass pyrolysis is identified using this tool. The influence of steam and air flow rates on the gasification products is represented. The impact of operating parameters on the synthesis gas composition was evaluated. Comparison of the computational model and the results obtained during experimental studies on the existing gasifier were carried out. The combined cycle power plant involving the biomass gasification process has been numerically simulated in the Aspen Plus. Calculations of the optimal operating parameters of different thermal process components and of the entire combined cycle power plant system were performed.


pyrolysis; gasification; biomass; Aspen Plus simulation

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