Synthesis and Electrochemical Behavior of the Molybdenum- Modified Electrode Based on Rice Husk

D.Kh. Kamysbayev, B.A. Serikbayev, G.S. Arbuz, G.L. Badavamova, Kh.S. Tasibekov


The article presents the results of electrochemical studies made on carbon paste electrode based on bisorbents powder modified by molybdenum. Bisorbent consists of carbon and SiO2. It was synthesized as a support structure obtained from rice husk thermal decomposition products. The obtained sorption material has surface with high specific area – 200 m2/g. Bisorbent was further modified by (NH4)6Mo7O24 · 4H2O (10 wt.%). The elemental composition of used RH was also determined. The surface morphology of plain and modified BS samples was studied. Recording of voltammetric curves was carried out at рН = 3.80, рН = 6.40 in 0.2 М electrolyte solution of Li2SO4. Cathodic and anodic waves were obtained which related to oxidation and reduction processes of molebdenium compounds in the entire range of the potentials (0.8 ÷ -1.2 V). The range of changing molybdate ions concentrations in solution was 2·10‒4 ÷ 10‒2 M. The dependencies of kinetic and electrochemical parameters on paramolybdate ions concentration were studied for modified electrode. Nature of changes in molybdenum reduction currents and oxidation currents indicates that Mo+6 reduction may occur by different mechanisms depending on the composite electrode properties. Results showed the possibility of further the synthesized composite system use for voltammetric determination of low (10‒4–10‒2) concentrations of ions in a solution.


chemically modified electrodes; voltammetry; rice husk; bisorbent; molybdenum; redox processes.

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