Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies for Ciprofloxacin Adsorption from Aqueous Solution using poly(AAM_MA)in controlled release system

  • A. A. Mhammedazayd
  • F. F. Karam
Keywords: ciprofloxacin, hydrogels, adsorption process, bioavailability, ionic strength effect, drug delivery, controlled releasing system


In this study poly (acrylamide-maliec acid) was prepared by free radical polymerization to the two monomers acrylamide and maliec acid using potassium persulfate (KPS) as initiator used as cross linker MBA,study characterization to surface by FT.IR DSC,FE-SEM And EDX ,the polymer employed to adsorption ciprofloxacin from aqueous solution several factors effect on adsorption studied like contact time, weight of adsorbate PH value and ionic strength found in 240 min and 50 ppm from drug concentration PH =4 can removal drug95.7%, the adsorpition isotherm applied model lungmier,frendlich and temkin the study also comprise adsorption kinetic and examined with two model first and second pseudo order the study approved to be applicable to with frindlch and tempkin model and follow second order .thermodynamic functions process calculated to adsorption the study adsorption appear decrease quantity of adsorbate with increase ionic salt concentration.


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