Peer Review Process

  1. The article submitted by the author is checked by the technical editor for correct formatting.
  2. After checking, the article is checked by the Editor-in-Chief, who sends the article for review or rejects it.
  3. The technical editor sends the article to the selected reviewers. After receiving the reviews and recommendations of the reviewers, the Editor-in-Chief and Associate editors decide on acceptance, rejection, or necessity of a revision of the article.
  4. After receiving the corrected version of the article, the technical editor accepts it or sends it for re-reviewing. The article can be accepted for publication after the approval of the article by 2-3 reviewers. Editor-in-Chief, Associate editors and members of the Editorial Board of the journal (depending on the direction of the article) decide on the article for publication.
  5. The accepted article is sent for layout, checking by the author, proofreading and final publication.

 Peer review type single blind (authors do not know who reviews their work).

 Each reviewer gives comments and evaluates the article according to the following criteria: 

  • relevance and importance of the work;
  • the quality of article writing;
  • scientific novelty;
  • compliance with technical requirements for articles.