Formation of Water-Soluble Fullerenes [C60,C70] under Ultrasonication and Antioxidant Effect


  • Weon-Bae Ko Department of Chemistry, Sahmyook University, 26-21 Kong Neung 2-Dong, No Won Gu, Seoul 139-742, Korea.
  • Hong-Seok Jeong Department of Chemistry, Sahmyook University, 26-21 Kong Neung 2-Dong, No Won Gu, Seoul 139-742, Korea.
  • Sung-Ho Hwang Department of Chemistry, Sahmyook University, 26-21 Kong Neung 2-Dong, No Won Gu, Seoul 139-742, Korea.



The water-soluble fullerenes [C60, C70] are prepared with fullerenes [C60, C70] and a mixture of oxidants (v/v) at the ratio of 3:1 under ultrasonic condition at room temperature. The MALDI-TOF MS confirmed that the water-soluble compounds were C60 and C70. The antioxidant effect of water-soluble fullerenes [C60, C70] in the PC 12 cells (Rat pheochromocytoma) line following exposure to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) was investigated.


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Ko, W.-B., Jeong, H.-S., & Hwang, S.-H. (2003). Formation of Water-Soluble Fullerenes [C60,C70] under Ultrasonication and Antioxidant Effect. Eurasian Chemico-Technological Journal, 5(1), 61–67.