Synthesis of Nanomaterials in a Coaxial Flame


  • B. Т. Lesbayev Institute of Combustion Problems, 172 Bogenbai Batyr St., 050012, Almaty, Kazakhstan; al-Farabi Kazakh National University, 71 al-Farabi Ave., 050040, Almaty, Kazakhstan



Coaxial flame, Graphene, Fullerene, Soot formation, Ethanol flame


The paper presents the results of experimental studies of the synthesis of fullerenes C60 in a coaxial flame of benzene and acetylene at low pressures; of the synthesis of graphene in a coaxial flame of ethanol and propane, benzene, and acetylene; of the soot formation process in the coaxial flame of propane and ethanol. It has been established that the optimum temperature of a coaxial flame for the formation of fullerenes C60 is 970‒1000 °C with the carbon to oxygen ratio in the internal benzene-oxygen flame C/O ≈ 0.9 ÷ 1. The C/O ratio in an external acetylene-oxygen flame was maintained at a stoichiometric ratio. It was found that the preliminary (before feeding into the burner) treatment of the benzene-oxygen mixture using ultraviolet (UV) radiation with a wavelength of 254 nm promotes an increase in the yield of fullerenes. The synthesis conditions were optimized for: 5‒10 layers graphene in a coaxial flame of acetylene and ethanol; graphene containing more than 10 layers in a coaxial flame of propane and ethanol; one and two-layer graphene in a coaxial flame of ethanol and benzene. The possibility of a significant reduction of the formation of soot particles in the diffusion flame of propane by organizing its coaxial combustion with ethanol is shown.


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