An Old but Lively Nanomaterial: Exploiting Carbon Black for the Synthesis of Advanced Materials


  • M. Alfe Institute for Research on Combustion (IRC-CNR), Naples, Italy
  • V. Gargiulo Institute for Research on Combustion (IRC-CNR), Naples, Italy
  • R. Di Capua Department of Physics “E. Pancini” University of Naples Federico II, and CNR-SPIN, Naples, Italy



carbon black, advanced materials, graphene-related materials


Carbon black (CB) is an old-concept but versatile carbonaceous material prone to be structurally and chemically modified under quite mild wet conditions. Recently, we exploited the potentiality of CB for the production of a highly varied array of advanced materials with applications in energetics, water remediation and sensoristic. The proposed approaches are devised to meet specific needs: low production costs, scalable synthetic approaches, flexibility i.e. easy tuning of chemico-physical properties of the carbon-based advanced materials. Two main approaches have been exploited: modification of CB at the surface and highly CB de-structuration. The former approach allows obtaining highly homogenous CB-modified nanoparticles (around 160 nm) with tunable surface properties (hydrophilicity, typology of functional groups and surface charge density, pore size distribution), supports for ionic liquid (SILP) and composites (carbon-iron oxide). The latter approach exploiting a top-down demolition of CB produces a highly versatile graphene related material (GRM), made up by stacked short graphene-like layers (GL) particularly suitable for advanced composites synthesis and ultrathin carbon-based films production.


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