Promising Directions in Chemical Processing of Methane from Coal Industry. Part 1. Thermodynamic analysis


  • E.V. Matus Federal Research Center of Coal and Coal Chemistry, Siberian Branch, RAS, 18, pr. Sovetskiy, Kemerovo, Russia
  • Z.R. Ismagilov Federal Research Center of Coal and Coal Chemistry, Siberian Branch, RAS, 18, pr. Sovetskiy, Kemerovo, Russia



Coal methane, Chemical processing, Thermodynamic analysis


 For the purpose of developing technology for the chemical processing of methane from the coal industry into valuable products, thermodynamic analysis of the major chemical reactions that occur in the multicomponent system СН4–СО2–H2O–air is carried out. The features of methane-containing gases differing from each other in chemical composition and corresponding to different stages of coal production are determined: ventilation air methane (VAM, methane concentration СCH4 less than 1 vol.%); mine/degassing methane of operating (СMM, СCH4 = 25–60 vol.%) or abandoned (AMM, СCH4 = 60–80 vol.%) coal mines; methane from unrelieved coal beds (СBM, СCH4 > 80 vol.%). Optimal conditions of the processes ensuring complete methane conversion and maximal yield of useful products are determined. The potential of combined reforming for efficient utilization of the methane-air mixture from coal mining into hydrogen-containing gas is demonstrated.


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Matus, E., & Ismagilov, Z. (2022). Promising Directions in Chemical Processing of Methane from Coal Industry. Part 1. Thermodynamic analysis. Eurasian Chemico-Technological Journal, 24(3), 203–214.




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